Progressive Slot Winner JACKPOT Slot Machine Wheel Of Fortune Progressive Cash Pay Out Reno Nevada

Big Winner Slot Machine Jackpot Wheel of Fortune Progressive Cash Pay Out Reno Nevada Sitting here at the nice Siena Hotel Casino in Reno Nevada and decided to put in $20 to kill a little bit of time. I really like this Wheel of Fortune game. It’s pretty fun. I played for a little bit and was staying about even. The cool thing about this came is that if you hit the spin on the right side you get to go up top and spin the wheel. I hit it a couple times and didn’t get anything big. Then I decided to turn my camera on before I ran out of money and after a couple spins I told all my subscirbers if I hit the 1.2 Million Dollar jackpot I would keep half and split the other half with them. Well right after that I hit the spin and it sent me up top to spin the wheel. Not the jackpot but you can win up to $1,000. Sure enough what do I hit. The $1,000 and I’m the big winner. Not the jackpot but still nice.

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