Slot Machines with a Theme

casino slot machineThere are many different slot machines at casinos and most people have seen the three reel one armed bandit either on television or at a casino.  But what many people may not know is today there are many different types of slot machines that actually have a theme and are more fun to play because of it.  The themed slot machines have been around for a while but with better technology, these games have taken on a new look and offer the gamer much more action with bonus rounds that can bring the player a great deal of money if they win.

One of the issues with themed slot machines is that the amount of the bet may not be met when a spin is won.  For instance, if you are playing a slot that has forty lines and you bet one credit per line or forty cents, you may only win a spin that is worth five cents.  So there is a downside but for the most part, when you win, you win big.  Traditional slot machines do not have bonus rounds nor do they offer anything but reels that only pay on one line.  With themed slot machines, there is so much more to them.  We’ll take a look at some of the more popular of the themed slot machine games and see how they rate.

Lord of the Rings

Anybody who loves the Lord of the Rings trilogy will absolutely adore the slot machines based on the movies that came out over a decade ago.  The first offering was based on the first movie in the trilogy, Fellowship of the Ring and included characters that were highlighted in the movie.  There are three different types of bonus rounds.  There is a random round that has either Gollum climbing over the screen and making certain sections wild or the elves shooting arrows to make the wilds.  Then there is the other random bonus rounds where all Frodos are wild, a scatter bonus which means that the characters do not have to be in line to win, wild reel bonus where one or more entire reels are wild, a multiplier bonus where the player can get up twenty five times the normal payout and the ring bonus where you only need one ring to go to the big bonus level.

The big bonus round is when you get three rings on any pay line and when the player gets to this round there are a wide variety of bonus games to choose from.  If the player sets up an account with the game, they can save their play and earn points to unlock more bonuses. The player can also log into and unlock bonuses by playing online games that are also based on the movies.  Today, The Two Towers is the Lord of the Rings offering and the only difference between the Fellowship and Two Towers is the look of the characters.  But it is a fun game while it doesn’t pay out huge amounts, the player can win some nice jackpots.

The Wizard of Oz Ruby Slippers

One of the most popular of all the Wizard of Oz slot machines is the Ruby Slippers version because it has the best payouts and the players can win a great deal of money on a minimum bet.  It is also a progressive game so as players over the world play it, the jackpot increases.  You do have to bet max which is over four dollars a spin to win the jackpot but it can reach over a million dollars so a four dollar investment is not really that bad.  All you need to win the jackpot is bet max and get five progressive symbols on a pay line which sounds easy but it actually is not, it’s difficult to win but worth it for the size of the payout.  The minimum jackpot is two hundred and fifty thousand so even if it has been recently hit, it is still worth it to play.

This game features all the favorite Wizard of Oz characters and it has three bonus rounds and a ruby slipper feature that offers up to four wild reels and a multiplier.  When the ruby slipper round is activated, bubbles come out from the side of the machine and onto the screen.  If a bubble pops on a reel, that reel is wild.  There are up to four out of the five reels that can become wild.  Once the spin is complete, Dorothy clicks her heels and a multiplier flies up to the top of the game and signifies whether the round is worth two, five or ten times the normal payout.  This can big money for the player if they get four wild reel times ten.  For a forty cent bet, the player can win thousands.

The other three bonus rounds are activated by the characters which you need three of in order to activate the bonus.  Then the bonuses take you to the wicked witch’s castle where you have to choose symbols to uncover credits and avoid the witch, Emerald City where the Wizard give you free spins and finally the crystal ball bonus where the characters have to again avoid the witch but if they do not, the good witch may save them and offer the player extra bonus money.  This is a really great game, it is fun, has a great deal of action and the players have the opportunity to win a great deal of money.

Other Themed Slot Machines

In today’s casinos, there are more themed slot machines than there is the traditional one armed bandit.  You can go to Wonderland with Alice, hang out with Carrie in Sex in the City or revisit the Hangover Movie.  There are so many themed slot machines now that it seems that everything that we know as familiar movies has been turned into one.  Tarzan, Ghost Busters and Godzilla are some of newest ones that have come out recently.  There are also the older themed slot machines that are also electronic and have bonus rounds but they do not offer the gamblers the same high payouts as the more in depth ones do.

Not only do these slot machines offer high payouts, they are also quite interactive with Bose speaker systems build into the chairs or other high quality sound outputs.  These games are more like video games than gambling which is just another reason why many choose to play them over other choices.  It’s more of an experience than gambling.  You really feel like you are a part of the slot machine instead of just feeding in money and hoping for three sevens in a row.


While traditional slot machines are loved by purists and have a place in the hearts of all slot players, the new themed slot machines are quickly taking over the casinos all over the world.  Because of their interactive play, great sound quality and high technology, they have quickly gained a following particularly with younger gamblers.  Everyone who plays slots has a favorite that they have to play when they hit the casino.  If it isn’t paying out, they can move on to another well executed themed slot machine.

Slot machines 101

Slot machines are very popular these days whether they are in person at a casino or at an online casino. Online casinos in particular have jumped in popularity due to the ease with which one can climb online and play at their leisure. One can actually sit down in their pajamas and play slots to their hearts content. In person slots and casinos are still very popular too. One only needs to head to Las Vegas, Atlantic City or any number of other casinos in the world to see oceans of slot machines that are usually full of excited players.

That said, learning something about slot machines and having a strategy going in is always a great idea. You don’t want to head in without any plans and just start pulling slot machine arms. There are some tips and tricks of the trade that you would do well to learn. Here are some of the more prominent ones to consider:

Nobody has the magic system to win at slots every time…no matter what they say

Slot machines are like any other type of gambling in that they draw out the folks wanting to game the system. Slot machines can be highly addictive and therefore there will always be a group of folks that are capable of being manipulated in their addictions. The systems that you see advertised all the time as being capable of helping you win at slots 100 percent of the time are exactly what they appear to be—manipulative attempts at taking advantage of addicted personalities. Let it be known that there is no such thing as a guide that can help you win every time out. This is true of online slots as well as in person casino slot games. There are some guides that can be helpful in learning about how to play and increase your odds, but nothing is going to make you win every time. That is simply wrong.

Budget every single trip you take to the casino (real or online)

When you head out for a night of playing slots, you should always consider exactly how much you can afford to lose. Set up a budget for the evening and make it difficult for you to stretch beyond that point. Some people say to make it impossible by leaving your money at home, but this can lead to emergency problems. The best strategy is to bring along a specific amount of cash and only bring your card otherwise. Granted you can always go and pull money out at the casino, but if your control is that far gone you should not be playing at all. Set a budget and stay within it.

When you play online, you have to be even more disciplined. It is very easy to want to simply load another deposit after losing. Set a budget and refuse to budge when you lose. Move on and do something else when your session is over. Don’t hang around for the free games because that will raise the odds that you will break your budget.

Another way to ensure that you stay in budget is to play games that fit your budget. If you have fifty bucks for a session of playing slots and you play five bucks per roll, you are probably going to be finished far before your friends. Consider the penny and nickel slots when you have limited budget. You can still win big on those machines and may be able to slowly build to larger payout machines by winning on the smaller ones.

Understand the game you play and the jackpots they offer

Slot machines come in all shapes and sizes and they all offer payouts based on what pops up on the screen. The majority of them flash up symbols that will bring you various amounts of money based on the order in which they appear. All of them offer up something called a pay table that you can look at and understand what is worth what. Study this pay table carefully and make certain you understand what you need to do to win at this game. If you are uncertain, ask questions of the staff. Some of these slot machines allow you to choose a couple of symbols to save and spin again. These are called re-spin slots and they can be complicated if you don’t understand how they work. Learn the games first before playing and your odds of doing well double or even triple.

Jackpots are offered on many slots that are basically payouts that come randomly or when a specific group of symbols appear. You often have to bet a certain amount to have the chance at these jackpots. This is where playing the right game for your bankroll becomes so important.

Betting the maximum requires that you have enough money to do so and play for a while within your budget. You don’t have to bet the maximum, but if you don’t bet enough to have a shot at the jackpot then you are wasting a great extra odds booster. Hitting a jackpot is in addition to any normal winnings you might get so it is foolish to not add those odds to your gameplay.

Resist the urge to increase your bet when losing

When you are losing at slots, the natural urge is to increase the bet and get your money back quickly. Slow and steady is the better option because they tend to come around. If you try to do this method of betting, you will likely lose your bank roll even faster.

Spread your fun around and remember slot machine etiquette

If you have ever been to a casino in real life, you have seen the folks that everybody avoids like the plague. There are folks that go around and watch for people loading up on one machine. They then wait for them to get up and slide in to try to swipe the booty. While the advantages of doing this are arguable depending on who you ask, it is considered rude by everyone except those that do it. Don’t do this.

Spread around your bank roll to various areas of the casino for your best chances. Some feel that you are better off spending your money on one machine feeling that your odds get better the more you lose. I can understand that logic but I have always done better by spreading out. I have a whole lot more fun on slots that way as well.

Take advantage of casino clubs and comps

Many casinos, both online and in real life, offer up all kinds of bonuses for joining a club, sharing your email address and the like. Take advantage of these offers when you can. Any house money you can acquire will increase your chances of winning on slots long term. Sign up bonuses and various other programs are wonderful if they are done correct. Just make sure you are dealing with a verified, respected casino.

Give yourself a time to stop, as well as a limit to stop at

Slot machines can mesmerize you rather easily and time can get away. While the effects this can have on your wallet are obvious, it can also affect your health. Sitting at a slot machine for extremely long periods is not good for you at all. Set a time to stop and stick to it. Also, have a limit that you will stop at if you reach it. Many people get ahead and can’t walk away. Know what you would like to win and take it when you get there.